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Photo Diary | Buenos Aires



Montreal | Vintage Frames

We met Corey Shapiro at his office, Vintage Frames, in Montreal.  Going up the freight elevator, I had no idea that there’d be a streetwear fantasyland behind his studio doors. BUT GURL LET ME TELL YOUUUUUUUUUU.  

This is that dude, Corey Shapiro. 

At Vintage Frames, you guessed it, vintage frames are their main forte.  There are display cases all over the studio, holding everything from Cazal, and vintage Balenciaga, to brand new designers, to custom costume shades.  You want leopard fur frames with snake skin temples, they have those too.  I got friendly with this pair of vintage YSL’s.

Booooooomboxes and arcade games line the walls.

PIles and piles of designer vintage jewelry.

All kinds of kicks, new in box.  Look at this pair of Air Pegasus.

And look at this little monster!  I wanted to punch her in the face she’s so adorable.

We spent hours trying on shades, going through collector sneakers & vintage track suits, playing with the pups, annihilating aliens, and just shooting the shit.  By the end of it all, I walked out with this vintage YSL watch.  The face flips over to show the clock face.  It’s a bracelet and a timepiece at the same damn time, eh?

Montreal | Olives + Gourmando

I was later told by a Montreal native that Olives + Gourmando is a tourist spot. But fuck it, if the bread is good, the bread is good.  It’s got rustic and adorable written all over it: mason jars, quirky sayings scrawled in chalk on the walls, large wooden community tables, homemade granola.  Olives et Gourmando is a great place to stop in for a salad or sandwich if you’re wandering around Old Montreal.  


Let me start off by saying Kauai is quite possibly the most magical place on the planet, and I’m going to follow that by saying I am incredibly blessed to have been there three times in the past year. JUST OVERWHELMINGLY AND UNDESERVINGLY FORTUNATE to behold it’s beauty with my own eyes.  

The day after my Trigger Happy mixtape came out, I escaped to paradise and this third trip was no less special.  Hours on end in the pool, watching terrible movies, conversations that went into the wee hours of the morning, gin and tonics, massages.  At one point I was hanging upside on the couch listening to Dilla’s Donuts from start to finish.  When do we ever have time to do that anymore?

We found a cove at the beach with monstrous trees that jetted out into the warm water. We swung from their branches and landed onto the softest sand that felt like bananas squished between our toes. 

But I’d say we spent most of our time in the kitchen.  Every day we’d make multiple trips to the market, pick up fresh organic produce, local grass-fed beef, and cook, and sing (and get majorly wasted in the process).  

Homemade burgers.  We made our own patties from grass-fed Kauai cows.  Thank you Kauai cows.

Fish tacos.  This photo is shit compared to the real deal. First of all we found the best corn tortillas money can buy, grilled a spectacular fillet of fresh Ono, made our own guaca-salsa hybrid with onions, avocados, tomatoes, and cilantro, sliced up some cabbage, shredded spicy colby cheese, and served these babies up with a dollop of Srirachachachachacha.

Not pictured are the short ribs with homemade BBQ sauce.  Shit was insane.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it was everything.  The simplest things are everything.

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PHOTO DIARY | Childish Gambino “Camp” Tour

Photos from when I opened for Childish Gambino and Danny Brown in April!  We went to Austin, Houston, Dallas, Scottsdale, Tucson, Oakland, Sacramento, Jersey, and hit Coachella somewhere in between.  Good.  Freaking.  Timez.

My shit.

Thomas steezin’ in Austin.

Austin was the best way to start the tour!  Those kids know their music.

Stubbs, Austin.

Chad put my name in lights every night!

So Super Steve.

Sangria in Tucson.

Me and this guy.

Nail polish shopping spree at a Walmart in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Peace in the middle west.

This is what venues look like after Childish Gambino is done with the place.

Danny Brown & Childish Gambino doin some freestyle shit in Scottsdale.

Bawse in Palm Springs.

Koffi, Palm Springs.

DJ’ing with Ana Calderon and DJ K Marie at the Guess? pool party!

Hurricane Coachella weekend 1.

Frank Ocean.

The softest socks in life! A gift from Donald.

Ibra asking Ludwig.

Bakesale Betty in Oakland. (NOMMMMMMMMM)

Sporting the new Gambino merch.  I’m in love with this tee.

Me and my sis at Coachella weekend 2.

Me and my photobomber.  Arguably my favorite photo of 2012.

Ludi and a sparkly curtain thingy!

Steve is trying to put everyone out of a job.  Rapping with D, DJ’ing with me, and here is photographing like Ibra.


A fan in Oakland gave me Blue Bottle coffee! L O V E !

Steve and Donald doing “Make ‘Em Mad” for the secret La Blogotheque show.  Steve’s first performance! So proud of my little bro!

Illest shirt that a fan made in Jersey. XO

PHOTO DIARY | South of France

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i work…

…to eat.

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How sick is this car. Love this little crochet number from @ladakhgirls. #ATL (Taken with instagram)

Wearing: gifted Ladakh dress, Levi’s jacket, Pull & Bear boots.

Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, just had some AMAZING shrimp and cheese grits from the Flying Biscuit.

I bought a couple pairs of Rag & Bone Jeans right before I flew out here, and they are GOD’S. ALMIGHTY. TRUTH. I typically hate pants, I find them so uncomfortable. Like the moment I walk into my apartment, it takes all of 6 seconds before I’m out of pants and into sweats. But the Rag & Bone pairs, I literally took a full on, under the covers nap in them. That comfortable! I want a pair in every shade and style.

Anyway, the ATL is so funnnn. My first trip here and I’m having a blasttttt. Will post more ATL pics soon!

Wearing: St. James top, Rag & Bone jean leggings, Rachel Comey boots, vintage Polo cardigan

Paris, mon amour!

KAUAI | Chef Ryan

Whilst in Kauai (no I’m not over Kauai yet okay), a chef arrived at our cottage one night and prepared a 5-course dinner and gahhhh I still cannot stop thinking about this meal.  All of the ingredients were local, from grass-fed beef to, I kid you not, the juiciest mangoes on the planet.  Our chef, Chef Ryan, was THE BEST and the sweetest guy ever. 

Fresh pineapple juice, mint, vodka blended cocktail.  I wanted to bathe in it, so freaking fresh.

Fennel seed crusted ahi with ruby red grapefruit and local avocado

Kilauea kale and arugula with toasted parmagianno reggiano and asian pear

Kauaian water ono with Haiian Ali’i oyster mushrooms, mint, sesame, and ponzu

Grass-fed steak with Okinawan sweet potato and goats milk yogurt

Mango 3 ways: sorbet, raw, and dried with daikon, radish, and black pepper

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View from the makeshift office.

Our cottage.

Went for a walk in the front yard.

The front yard leads to more front yard.

Ono Char-Burger is the local burger joint. Local kine kine.

Try the bleu cheese burger with mushroomsssss.

Lappert’s has “Kauai Cake” ice cream. Contains a bunch of awesome things that I can’t remember anymore.

Sashimi from Kintaro.


We ate all of this crap, it was fucking delicious.

If there were to be a global game of hide and seek, well you know where to find me.  Kauai is my new favorite place to hide.  Where’s yours?

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PHOTO DIARY | Childish Gambino “The Sign Up” Tour

PHOTO DIARY | Singapore