My Makeup Bag

I’ve been getting some questions in my inbox about my daily makeup routine and favorite products, so I decided to do a post dedicated to the topic!  Generally I don’t wear much make up and for the most part I have no idea what I’m really doing. So my routine is pretty simple and I just do what works for me.  After years of trial and error, I’ve got a small assortment of products that I am fiercely loyal to. Here it is!

1.  Aveeno SPF 30 face moisturizer 

2.  Aveda tinted moisturizer and powder - Great for daily usage because it’s very lightweight and still evens out the skin tone.  When I need more coverage, I turn to Korres for their foundation.

3.  Blush - Lately I’m using this peach hue from the Hello Kitty for Mac capsule collection.  I also rotate between Benefit Perfect 10 and Nars Orgasm depending on my mood!

4.  Nars “Madrague” eyeshadow duo - I’m not big on eyeshadow, I’m also super lazy about it. So I slop on these nudish tones and move on.

5.  Loreal Voluminous mascara - It’s all about drug store mascara, and this does the job easily.

6.  Shu Uemura eyelash curler - MUST. HAVE. ALWAYS.

7.  Lancome Artliner - I was terrible at applying liquid eyeliner!  But this one goes on nice and easy, it has more of a marker tip than those kinds with the little brushes. 

8.  Clinique Cream Shaper eye liner pencils - These babies are my jam!  These pencils are super creamy and smudge right on for that effortless smoky eye look.

9.  *BONUS!* Kiehl’s Rare Earth facial masque - I don’t use this every day obviously, but definitely worth mentioning because I travel a lot. I’ve recently turned to this masque to get my skin back in shape when I’m feeling beat from flights, sun, lack of sleep.

10.  Nars “Barbarella” lipstick - A total fave and great for the day-to-day.  I do Nars “Heatwave” when I’m feeling extra sassy.

11.  Laura Mercier finishing powder - It’s basically sparkles in a jar!  I brush this over my cheeks for some shimmer and what the make up counter dude calls “a dewy glow.” Buy 1 of these and it will last you a lifetime.  I’ve had mine for like 4 years or something.

I’m no expert by any means, so when I have questions about beauty products I turn to my beauty bawse Baze Mpinja, a seasoned beauty writer/editor and friend of mine.  Check out her blog for beauty tips!

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